Sing A Song For Ireland

sing a song for ireland


  1. Sing A Song For Ireland (Irish Sons and Daughters)
  2. Hard Times Come Again No More
  3. Ship Ahoy
  4. Convict Maid
  5. The Fields of Athenry
  6. Lay Me Down
  7. Follow The Call
  8. My Beautiful Roisin
  9. Celtic Tears
  10. Kerry Heart
  11. The Water Is Wide
  12. Slan Abhaile (Safe Home)

Maria Forde Solo

'Maria Forde Solo' is a recording my listeners have been requesting for years – 'We just want to hear you singing without lots of backing... it's your voice we want to hear'. This recording has given me the opportunity to sing songs as you may hear them at one of my solo concerts. It is also an opportunity to re-visit some of my most requested songs, introduce you to some new ones, and indulge in a few of my personal favourites. True, there are 'live' moments with a few stray notes, but I hope that you get the spirit and sincerity of my storytelling – and the raw emotion behind every word.

Maria Forde is a fine singer and a gifted songwriter. Like all good songwriters her lyrics often reflect an understanding of, and compassion for the human condition, with all it's triumphs and disasters, all it's bright peaks and dark corners........at her live performances she presents her songs with sincerity, passion and more than a dash of humour, and these very human attributes, along with her fine singing voice, is why she invariably establishes such a seemingly effortless rapport with her audiences.... ERIC BOGLE , MAY 2011

Maria Forde Solo
Little Black Rose

Little Black Rose

This is Maria's 6th album and certainly her most ambitious. Her songwriting skills, which have seen her material covered internationally as well as becoming near 'standards' in Australia, are as evident as ever. The great leap forward has been in her singing, where she has pushed herself to realize her ambition of a singer that writes, rather than a writer who sings. Musically the combination of a modern classical string quartet (The Silo String Quartet), Roots guitarist (Jimbo Mathus), and Latin percussion have all but seen her create her own genre on this recording. John Durr, Black Market Music

Song List:

  1. Rainy Day in Trentham
  2. Broken Wings
  3. Now is all we have
  4. Rockababy Bye
  5. Walk With Me
  6. Red Earth
  7. My Sweet Forget Me not
  8. May the Moon
  9. My Beautiful Roísin
  10. Can You Hear Me?
  11. Soft Place to Fall



  1. Patterson's Curse
  2. Strong Wind Blowing
  3. Beyond the Blue
  4. Forever Young
  5. Leaving the Land
  6. When I Love you is not enough
  7. Sooner or Later
  8. A Question Find
  9. Freight Train
  10. Lighten my Load
  11. Over You
  12. Forever Mine
  13. Wait For Me
Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond


  1. Old Country Mile
  2. Daughter of Aran
  3. Lost in the Feeling
  4. Down Letterfrack Way
  5. Rough Diamond
  6. My Youngest Son Came Home Today
  7. Hold me in your Arms
  8. I'll be Seeing You
  9. Rainbow to my heart
  10. The Ballad of Kylemore
  11. My Lagan Love
  12. Run Mary
  13. In the Palm of his Hand
  14. Oíche Mhaith an - Athaír (Good Night Father)
Follow The Call

Follow The Call


  1. Ride on
  2. We need love
  3. Always the Same
  4. My Love is in America
  5. Follow the Call
  6. When you are Old
  7. Maybe
  8. Falling
  9. Drink Talking
  10. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  11. The Voyage
  12. Moonlight Head
  13. Fragile Heart
  14. Love Has many Faces
  15. Laudate
Dark Island

Dark Island


  1. Faces in the Photograph
  2. Running
  3. My Heart Aint at home
  4. Lilies of the Field
  5. May God Bless You
  6. Whose to Blame?
  7. To Your Door
  8. Fly Away
  9. All of me
  10. Outstretched Arms
  11. From the Heart
  12. Til the End of Time (Featuring Finbar Furey)
  13. Dark Island (Featuring Finbar Furey)
Will You Dance With Me?

Will You Dance With Me?


  1. Waltzing Matilda My Darling
  2. Child Within Me
  3. Will You Dance with Me?
  4. Carrick Fergus
  5. Perfect Poverty
  6. Mo Chara Dhíl (My Dear Friend)
  7. The Water is Wide
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. The Last Leviathan
Maria Forde Songbook

Maria Forde Songbook

SONG BOOK (Includes words, sheet music and guitar tabs):

  1. Will You Dance With Me?
  2. Mo Chara Dhíl(My Dear Friend)
  3. My Heart Aint At Home
  4. May God Bless You
  5. Fly Away
  6. Rainbow to My heart
  7. There's a Light
  8. Lilies of the Field
  9. Outstretched Arms
  10. In the Palm of his Hands
  11. Oíche Mhaith an - Athaír (Good Night Father)
  12. Til the End of Time