Sing a Song for Ireland

Sing a Song for Ireland
Raise a glass or two
Irish sons and daughters
We remember you '

'Sing a Song for Ireland ' is a show sharing the story of the Irish in Australia

It is a story that stems all the way back to the famine. It explores the reasons behind early emigration to Australia and incorporates traditional and contemporary Irish songs

As a daughter of Irish parents - I believe that we are the keepers of the story now and that we have a duty to remember and to keep telling the story. The show has been performed throughout Australia to wonderful reviews.

If you, your festival, community, or parish would like to experience the show 'Sing a Song for Ireland' please call Maria on 0411158593 or email mariaforde1@gmail.com


'Hard Times' (Maria Forde and Greg Hunt)

'Sing a Song for Ireland' Maria Forde National Celtic Festival 2018


As an Irish person it was such an emotional experience - your voice is a gift - lilting, haunting, joyful.

Helen Allen

As an Irish person - it is important to to make sure we never forget our roots and the hard times. Thank you for telling our story

Margaret Harkin

A wonderful journey of our heritage with songs from the heart resonating lyrical perfection

Bron and Annie (Melbourne)

What a joyous sometimes sad journey of love, hope and inspiration - was brought alive in 'Sing a Song for Ireland

Chris and Kelvin (Melbourne)

A beautifully woven Irish story and song expressed with emotion and sincerity

Trish Gaffney